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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Tracy Chen- A new member of Dalton International Research Platform, supervisor of Chinese research group at University in Shenzhen

Tracy Chen has recently joined the research group of Dalton International. She is responsible for monitoring the research on Dalton education at university in Shenzhen, together with a group of scientists. She is also a member of Chinese Department of Dalton International.
Ms. Tracy Chen, an excellent teacher in Shenzhen and an outstanding principal in Nanshan District in Shenzhen, ever worked as a vice principal in “The Affiliated high School of Peking University Shenzhen Nanshan Branch” for eight years. During the eight years, she was responsible for the school’s educational and teaching job entirely. She was also a researcher and a performer of “The Quality Courses of The Students Leaders”, which is a course characterized by the school.
Afterwards, she was acclaimed as Dean of Wei Ming Education and Research Academy, in charge of the development of the courses, teachers’ training and assessment for the teachers.
In September 2015, she dedicated herself to the plan, design and foundation of Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School in many aspects. Since September 2016, she has held the post of the Executive of Dalton Xinhua School. She is also a co-leader of “ Research of Dalton Education Practice in Chinese ways”.