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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Howard Gardner is not only about Multiple Intelligences

While my latest travelling to numerous International Dalton Conferences worldwide I was deeply inspired by Dalton teachers' engagement and creativity. We spoke a lot about multiple intelligences and its impact on the whole Dalton world. With some scientists in Poland and Holland I exchanged ideas and reflections on different ways of using Howard Gardner's theory. In every country, the reception and interpretation of M.I. is different. It doesn't mean better or worse- simply different. Some of the teachers in Poland Dalton schools use the assignments, in which they mix Multiple Intelligence, since every human being is a mixture of different types of intelligence. The tasks that some teachers prepared during my workshops with the use of Multiple Intelligences were highly creative.

However, as we know, Gardner is not only about Multiple Intelligences. From that reason, with one of the Dalton schools we decided to create a project based on "Five minds for the future" of Howard Gardner. In the plurality of educational proposals for the educators, we decided to choose that book to be the base of the next step towards innovation in Dalton Plan. Gardner in the book expands the view of human intelligence and potential, and so are we with other educators in our platform.The book is a valuable tool, for those, who care about educating creative, innovative and self-reliant pupil.

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