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Friday, 26 October 2018

Teacher research in teaching foreign languages

While implementation of the project "Let's Daltonize English", together with the teachers, I decided to make a reflection on how does the project work in practice. In order to provide the high quality of the program, I constructed the appropriate research tools. However, some teachers can do (and some really do) the research by themselves with the great help of professional materials. Therefore, I would like to heartly recommend the book " Teacher Research in Language Teaching" by professor Simon Borg.The exiting volume seeks to examine, in what way foreign language teachers can be engaged in the research. Borg discusses the findings of six years of international empirical investigation (he involved 1,700 teachers and managers). In a highly witty way, Borg explores the relationship between  research engagement and the quality of teaching. The book,  what is worth paying attention to, presents the ready research tools for the teachers to make a reflection on their work.
The book is a good tool to stimulate the concrete action of doing research in the field of foreign languages.

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