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Friday, 15 June 2018

Dalton Culture Corner

We are proud to announce that our next research project "Dalton Culture Corner" will be soon implemented and researched in some Dalton schools worldwide. The effects will be measured during the next year.  The new pilot schools taken part in the program will be soon announced.

Scope and conditions of the program:

Innovation is carried out in primary schools in English language classes. The presented innovation includes topics on British and American culture, based on the traditional elements of  'The Dalton Laboratory Plan', types of intelligences, different learning styles, Bloom's taxonomy stages. This innovative program is directed to children in primary education aged 8-11.
Assignements can be implemented in the educational schedules of the schools. The project consists of five cultural topics. The program includes ready- to- implement materials for children and lesson descriptions for teachers.

Tools of evaluation:

  • observation of the work and involvement of program participants;
  • analysis of the effects of  students’ assignments;
  • making project portfolios (portfolios are designed by International Dalton Consultancy);
  • questionnaire addressed to teachers;
  • interview with the teachers in Dalton pilot schools  worldwide;
  • connecting pilot schools worldwide by the use of webcam.
Authors of the program: Agata Sowinska: Roel Röhner,

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