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Monday, 6 May 2019

The first issue of Chinese Dalton Magazine under the supervision of Liang Zhonghi

The following issue includes the articles concerning the development of Dalton Education in China under the supervision of Liang Zhonghij Education and Technology Co. and Dalton International. Both parties are cooperating in order to provide a high quality Dalton education in China. In the magazine among others articles of professors from Beijing, reflections of the Chinese Dalton teachers and the map of Dalton International activities in Europe and Asia.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Tracy Chen- A new member of Dalton International Research Platform, supervisor of Chinese research group at University in Shenzhen

Tracy Chen has recently joined the research group of Dalton International. She is responsible for monitoring the research on Dalton education at university in Shenzhen, together with a group of scientists. She is also a member of Chinese Department of Dalton International.
Ms. Tracy Chen, an excellent teacher in Shenzhen and an outstanding principal in Nanshan District in Shenzhen, ever worked as a vice principal in “The Affiliated high School of Peking University Shenzhen Nanshan Branch” for eight years. During the eight years, she was responsible for the school’s educational and teaching job entirely. She was also a researcher and a performer of “The Quality Courses of The Students Leaders”, which is a course characterized by the school.
Afterwards, she was acclaimed as Dean of Wei Ming Education and Research Academy, in charge of the development of the courses, teachers’ training and assessment for the teachers.
In September 2015, she dedicated herself to the plan, design and foundation of Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School in many aspects. Since September 2016, she has held the post of the Executive of Dalton Xinhua School. She is also a co-leader of “ Research of Dalton Education Practice in Chinese ways”.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Howard Gardner is not only about Multiple Intelligences

While my latest travelling to numerous International Dalton Conferences worldwide I was deeply inspired by Dalton teachers' engagement and creativity. We spoke a lot about multiple intelligences and its impact on the whole Dalton world. With some scientists in Poland and Holland I exchanged ideas and reflections on different ways of using Howard Gardner's theory. In every country, the reception and interpretation of M.I. is different. It doesn't mean better or worse- simply different. Some of the teachers in Poland Dalton schools use the assignments, in which they mix Multiple Intelligence, since every human being is a mixture of different types of intelligence. The tasks that some teachers prepared during my workshops with the use of Multiple Intelligences were highly creative.

However, as we know, Gardner is not only about Multiple Intelligences. From that reason, with one of the Dalton schools we decided to create a project based on "Five minds for the future" of Howard Gardner. In the plurality of educational proposals for the educators, we decided to choose that book to be the base of the next step towards innovation in Dalton Plan. Gardner in the book expands the view of human intelligence and potential, and so are we with other educators in our platform.The book is a valuable tool, for those, who care about educating creative, innovative and self-reliant pupil.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Workshop in Deventer, Dalton Congress

On 7th of November, during the Dalton Congress, I gave the workshop together with the Director of Foreign languages in Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School in China. After my presentation of philosophy and vision of the English project, Malisa gave the speech about practical side of the innovative program and creating digital platfrom between the International dalton Schools that exchange the ideas and reflections with that project between schools.

Dalton Congress in Deventer

On 7th of November there took place an International Dalton Conference organized by Dutch Dalton Association and Dalton International. During the congress the members of Dalton International Research Platform had the opportunity to exchange their expertise, ideas and create specific steps towards a further development of Dalton research in cooperation with University in Bijing, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and University in Linz in Austria. The fruit of the cooperation- the book with International Dalton Research will be translated to English and published at universities. Below the photo with the representatives of Dalton International Research Platform.
From the right: Renata Michalak, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Agata Sowinska Chair of the Platfrom, Henriette Steinauer, University in Linz, Annemarie Wenke, Wenke Perspectief.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Teacher research in teaching foreign languages

While implementation of the project "Let's Daltonize English", together with the teachers, I decided to make a reflection on how does the project work in practice. In order to provide the high quality of the program, I constructed the appropriate research tools. However, some teachers can do (and some really do) the research by themselves with the great help of professional materials. Therefore, I would like to heartly recommend the book " Teacher Research in Language Teaching" by professor Simon Borg.The exiting volume seeks to examine, in what way foreign language teachers can be engaged in the research. Borg discusses the findings of six years of international empirical investigation (he involved 1,700 teachers and managers). In a highly witty way, Borg explores the relationship between  research engagement and the quality of teaching. The book,  what is worth paying attention to, presents the ready research tools for the teachers to make a reflection on their work.
The book is a good tool to stimulate the concrete action of doing research in the field of foreign languages.